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Geograce Resources Philippines, Inc. (“Company”) was incorporated as La Suerte Gold Mining Corporation on 20 April 1974 primarily to engage in the exploration, exploitation, and development of mineral resources, and to purchase, lease, and otherwise acquire mining claims and concessions where in the Philippines, and to carry on the business of mining, extracting, smelting, treating, and otherwise producing and dealing in metals and minerals of all kinds including all its products and by-products.

On 16 May 1995, the stockholders approved the realignment of the Company’s main business activities from that of a mining company to that of an investment holding company. The corporate name of “La Suerte Gold Mining Corporation” was renamed as “Global Equities, Inc.” As a holding company, it invested in and/or managed companies engaged in the manufacture of absorbent cotton, personal care products and in the provision of specialized corporate facilities for end-users.

On 14 September 2006 and 27 October 2006, the Company’s Board of Directors and stockholders, respectively, approved the change in the Company’s business to engage in exploration, exploitation, and development of mineral resources and development of the Philippines’ mineral resources. On 21 November 2006, the Securities and Exchanges Commission (”SEC”) approved the Amended Articles of Incorporation of the Company, including the change in corporate name from “Global Equities, Inc.” to “Geograce Resources Philippines, Inc.”

To achieve the shift in its primary purpose of a mining company, the Company has acquired the exclusive rights to explore, develop and operate mining tenements throughout the Philippines for various mineral deposits. The Company has to date negotiated for exclusive access and acquisition rights over nearly 240,000 hectares of claims in nickel, gold, copper and chromite.

On 3 November 2011, the Board of Directors approved the quasi-organization of the Company’s capital structure. The quasi-organization involves the reduction of the par value of the Company’s shares from PhP1.00 per share to PHhP.30 per share. The total additional paid-in capital amounting to PhP2,450 million that will arise from the quasi-organization of the Company’s capital structure shall be used to eliminate its accumulated deficit. The Company, however, has deferred the implementation of the quasi-organization.

On 20 December 2013, the stockholders approved the following amendments to the Company’s Articles of Incorporation:

The foregoing amendments in the Company’s Articles of Incorporation were approved by the SEC on 20 February 2014.

In line with its new primary purpose, the Company will be on the continuous lookout for possible investments in other areas of interest while maintaining some of its mining tenements.


Company Mission is to deliver investment opportunities, generate valued returns to our stakeholders through commitment to excellence.


Company vision is to serve as a tool for an investor to capitalize in a wide range of asset management portfolio.


Our Company

Board of Directors, Management Team and Executive Officers

Chi Ho CoChairman, Non-Executive Director
Delfin S. Castro, Jr.President, Executive Dircetor (ED)
Ramoncito B. CabaluTreasurer / Compliance Officer (ED)
Florentino M. Herrera IIINon-Executive Director
Raymond T. KoaNon-Executive Director
Manuel G. OngIndependent Director
Felixes G. LatorenoIndependent Director
Chi Ho CoChairman
Delfin S. Castro, Jr.President
Ramoncito B. CabaluTreasurer / Compliance Officer
Arsenio C. Cabrera, Jr.Corporate Secretary / Corporate Information Officer
Le Iris T. LucidoAssistant Corporate Secretary

CHI HO CO, Chairman, Filipino

Mr. Chi Ho Co, 45 years old, has been a Director and a Chairman of the Company since 20 December 2013. He is also a member of the Company’s Risk Management Committee.
He currently serves as Director and Officer of various publicly listed and private companies including Lodestar Investment Holdings Corporation (Director and President, 2008 to present), Asiabest Group International Inc. (Director, 2011 to present), Hightower, Inc. (President, 2003 to present), Glomedic Philippines, Inc. (Chairman, 2004 to present), Banguets in Style, Inc. (Chairman, 2003 to present), Cavite Apparel Corporation (VP, 1998 to present), Subic Bay Apparel Corporation (VP, 1998 to present), Julia Realty & Development Corporation (Treasurer, 2006 to present), Edgeport Properties, Inc. (Treasurer/Secretary, 2006 to present), Fasttrack Realty & Development, Inc. (Chairman, 2004 to present) and CAC Motors Corporation (President, 2002 to present) among other companies.

He is a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Economics at the Ateneo de Manila University.

DELFIN S. CASTRO, JR., Director/President, Filipino
Mr.Delfin S. Castro, Jr., 52 years old, has been a Director of the Company since 9 August 2006. He has been elected as President of the Company since 8 December 2016. He is also a member of the Company’s Audit Committee, Compensation Committee, Nomination Committee, and Risk Management Committee.

Mr. Castro is currently the Chairman/President of Dizon Copper-Silver Mines, Inc., Director/Treasurer/CFO of Asiabest Group International, Inc., Director/Treasurer/Assistant Corporate Information Officer of Lodestar Investment Holdings Corporation, and Treasurer of NiHaO Mineral Resources International, Inc. and Peak Condominium Corporation. From June 2000 to April 2001, he was the Global Portfolio Manager for Private Equities at United Resources Asset Management, Inc. He was formerly the Engagement Director of Palo Alto Consultants Asia, Inc, and a Senior Assistant Vice-President at Asiatrust Bank.

He holds a Masters in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of the Philippines.

RAMONCITO B. CABALU, Director/Treasurer/Compliance Officer, Filipino
Mr.Ramoncito B. Cabalu, 61 years old, has been a Director of the Company since 8 December 2016.He has been elected as Treasurer/Compliance Officer of the Company since 8 December 2016.

He is currently a Director of Asiabest Group International, Inc. and Lodestar Investment Holdings Corporation. He is also a Consultant of Maligaya Development Corporation. From 1979-1980, he was an Account Manager for the Philippine International Convention Center. In 1980, he founded Karangalan Entertainment. In 1984, he established Syndicated Marketing Specialists and became its President and Managing Director. In 2000, he co-founded the Universal Fabric Structure Philippines in partnership with Universal Fabric Structure USA and became its Founding Director and Chief Operating Officer. In 2001, he co-founded Peak Entertainment Resources Corporation and became its President. In 2002, he entered into a joint venture with Transcontinental Records USA and co-founded East West Entertainment Corporation and became its Senior Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer. In late 2002, he also co-founded Emma Entertainment & Management Corporation and became Chief Operating Officer. In 2007, he established Tri-Access Management Group (TAM Group) and became its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. In 2014, he established Circle Asia Group and the Maple Tree Investments. He is also the Vice-President and Partner for Business Development of Garco Minerals and Chemical Trading and Board Member of Color Manila.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts major in Economics and Social Sciences from the University of the Philippines.

Atty. Florentino M. Herrera III, 66 years old, has been a Director of the Company since 18 May 1998.

He is a Founding Partner of Herrera Teehankee & Cabrera Law Offices. He is presently the Director/Chairman/President of Amica Corporation, Andora Holdings, Inc., Bedarra Holdings, Inc., Bellagio Properties, Inc., Bellcore Holdings Corporation, Bellendorf Peak Resources, Inc., Domain Property Ventures Corporation, Dunes and Eagle Land Development Corp., Econolink Investments, Inc., Filgrow Ventures Corporation, Fontana Resources Corporation, Genshare Holdings Corporation, Hunter Valley Resources, Inc., Ipioneer Properties, Inc. Maseena Resources Corporation, Medlink Resources, Inc., Pomona Properties, Inc., Pergamon Resources Corporation, Regent Resources, Inc., Saville Resources Corporation, Seabright Resources, Inc., Shindig, Inc., Vassra Holdings, Inc., Viking Star Ventures, Inc., and Websphere Resources, Inc.; Director/Chairman of 911 Alarm, Inc., Media Star Holdings Corporation, Owl Ventures and Development Condominium Corporation, and San Juanico Property Ventures; Director/Vice Chairman of Mantrade Development Corporation; Director/President Aeropartners, Inc. and Nabasan Subic Development Corporation; Director/VicePresident/Treasurer of Marilag Corporation; Director/Chairman/Corporate Secretary of La Regalade, Inc.; Director/Corporate Secretary of Melrra Realty, Inc. and Lufthansa Technik Philippines, Inc.; Director/Treasurer of Armada Capital, Inc. and North Point Resources, Inc.; Director of Asian Alliance Holdings & Development Corporation, Asian Alliance Investment Corporation, Beneficial Life Insurance, Canlubang Golf & Country Club, Inc., FMF Development Corporation, Future Capital Enterprises Limited, Philippine Airlines, Inc., Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation, Stargate Media Corporation, and United Coconut Chemicals, Inc.; Treasurer of Corsica Resources, Inc., Fontalloro Resources, Inc., Long Trail Holdings, Inc. and Mountain Links Corporation; and Corporate Secretary of Allianz PNB Life Insurance, Inc., Associated Broadcast Marketing Corporation, BOC Holdings Corporation, Grassroots Film Production & Distribution, Inc., Macroasia Corporation, Medtecs International Corporation Limited, Medtex Corporation, and Medtecs Materials Technology Corporation.

He is a member of the Philippine Bar, holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science degree and a Bachelor of Laws Degree (Cum Laude, Salutatorian) from the University of the Philippines.

RAYMOND T. KOA, Director, Filipino
Mr. Raymond T. Koa, 63 years old, has been a Director of the Company since 17 December 2010. He is also a member of the Company’s Compensation Committee and Governance Committee.

Mr. Koa is currently a Director of Dizon Copper-Silver Mines, Inc. From 1984 to the present, he has served as Vice President-General Manager of Mercury Multi-Sales Corp.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the Philippine School of Business Administration.

FELIXES G. LATONERO, Independent Director, Filipino
Mr.Felixes G. Latonero, 43 years old, was elected as Independent Director of the Company since 8 December 2016. He is the Chairman of the Company’s Compensation Committee. He is also a member of the Company’s Audit Committee, Nomination Committee, and Governance Committee.

Mr.Latonero is currently an Independent Director of Asiabest Group International, Inc. He is also the President of Nontrad Advertising and FGL Modular Cabinet System, Inc.

He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Eulogio "Amang" Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology and a degree in Computer Science from the Technological Institute of the Philippines.

MANUEL G. ONG, Independent Director, Filipino
Mr. Manuel G. Ong, 59 years old, has been an Independent Director of the Company since 20 December 2013. He is also the Chairman of the Company’s Audit Committee, Nomination Committee, Governance Committee, and Risk Management Committee.
Mr.Ong is currently the Vice President and Technical Director of Industrial Welding Corporation and an Independent Director at Asiabest Group International, Inc., Dizon Copper-Silver Mines, Inc., Lodestar Investment Holdings Corporation, and NiHAO Mineral Resources International, Inc.

He holds a Bachelor of Science major in Chemical Engineering from the Xavier School.

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SHAREHOLDING STRUCTURE as of 31 December  2017


3,500,000,000 shares divided into PhP1.00 par value



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Articles of incorporation and by-laws and all amendments

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